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Arioto and the 13th Hour merges heartfelt adventure with beautiful illustrations to engage even the most challenged readers. Having worked with a variety of learners over the past twelve years, Michael found that one of the biggest challenges students face is finding a book that is as approachable as it is exciting.

From outline to storyboard, Michael came up with Arioto and the 13th Hour as the perfect combination of a middle-grade adventure interlaced with elements of a graphic novel. The words danced across pages, and tip-toed around corners as the joy of reading came to life.

Michael typed up the ideas and sent them in the dark of night over mountains and valleys to deliver the manuscript to the artist monk Tony Wisneske. Over the course of two years, the quest to engage readers of all abilities was manifested.

Every step that readers take on the journey with Arioto on her journey to stop Kiragana is a step towards building confidence as a reader and discovering the potential they have in themselves.