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Eleven year old Arioto is the last remaining student at a monastery that once taught the Emperor’s most trusted guards to move in silence. But when a banished assassin, armed with a magic medallion, comes for revenge against her ailing master, Arioto is struck with a curse that dooms her to be forgotten. Not only does Arioto awaken to find that no one remembers her, but in eight short days on the thirteenth hour, anyone she comes across will forget about her yet again.

Severed from her upbringing, Arioto must do the impossible: she must remove her battle-hardened shell and ask for help. Now teamed with a ragtag bunch of reluctant warriors, she sets out on a long journey to stop the vengeful assassin before the Emperor is captured and all of Lehdet comes under her power. Arioto knows she can’t stop her alone, but struggles with the harsh reality that if she’s too late, she’ll be abandoned all over again and all will be lost.