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Dearest Reader,

Arioto’s adventure began inside a cafe on a dark night in Santa Cruz, California. Written on an Olivetti Lettera 32 typewriter, the sound of rumbling keys and the occasional ding, eventually got on the nerves of the many baristas and Michael found himself kicked to the curb night after night.

After many winters of writing through the fog, rain and cold, Michael smartened up and headed to warmer climates. Armed with a skateboard, a typewriter and a passport, Michael took to the skies and continued to develop Arioto’s adventures in the starry nights of the Swiss Alps, the busy streets of Latvia, and later on buses through Mexico…well only for a little while on buses.

It continued through the streets of Tokyo, next to the Blue Mosque in Turkey, through the damp streets of New Foundland, until it finally made it’s way to the editors desk. It’s been said that everywhere the familiar ding of the typewriter echoed through the night, Michael was close by working on his next big scene. 

So as you travel alongside Arioto in her daring adventure to restore peace to Lehdet and her rightful place in memory, know that in many ways Arioto has already traveled the world a few times over.

And now that the adventure is ready to be shared, we hope that you’ll accompany her, and her newfound friends, on their journey to find home again.

All the best in battle and friendship,  

  Team Arioto